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"First comes love, then comes marriage . . . ." 

Nursery rhymes and fairy tales are not made to prepare us for "happily ever after."  After the honeymoon passes, real life begins.  And real life is hard.

Perhaps you receive a job offer out-of-state.  It's your dream job, but relocating would mean leaving your mother-in-law in a nursing home without family support.  

It's the ellipses of life that none of us are prepared for.

Maybe there isn't just one big thing that causes marital unhappiness.  Instead, it's balancing all the day-to-day challenges of marriage and parenting that feel overwhelming and, over time, can lead to feelings of discontent, exhaustion, and isolation.  

Restoring the connection and

Finding solutions that work for your family

may seem impossible, but




For couples feeling fed-up with the way communication happens in their relationship and looking for one-on-one help addressing communication needs.



For couples looking for a third-party neutral to help facilitate conversation around specific challenges in their relationship and get to resolution.



For couples and singles looking to learn effective communication strategies that increase connection even through conflict.