Features Overview

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If you feel defeated around how communication in your relationship happens, you've tried everything but nothing seems to change for long, then First Comes Love is for you.  First Comes Love is a communication coaching program especially designed for you and your partner that consists of six, two-hour sessions where you and your partner will:  

  • Receive tools and techniques to enhance your communication skills that increase self-awareness and empathy;
  • Identify reoccurring topics that always seem to lead to an argument or someone shutting down;
  • Practice holding the space for each other;
  • Receive lots of feedback; and
  • Learn how to develop sustainable solutions based on your needs.


Are you engaged in a current conflict with your partner?  Do you feel stuck because you need to make a decision but you and your partner don't agree?  If so, relationship mediation can help. 

In relationship mediation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Have the space for you both to say the things that you were afraid to say;
  • Feel heard and understood by each other;
  • Solve problems and make decisions collaboratively; and
  • Develop sustainable, long-term solutions based on your needs. 

If you've ever thought, "We just can't agree about [INSERT]", then relationship mediation can help. 



Are you looking to enhance communication skills with your partner?  Try Let's Talk, a  workshop designed to introduce couples and singles to healthy communication skills.  Let's Talk is an introductory workshop designed to educate participants on:

  • How to Increase self-awareness;
  • How to express yourself effectively;
  • How to listen;
  • Practice empathy and compassion for one another;
  • How to have difficult conversations without escalating tension; and
  • How to build a foundation for collaborative problem-solving.

If you've ever felt misunderstood and no matter how hard you tried to express yourself, you still felt unheard, then Let's Talk is for you.